Shipping Process

It takes 23 to 30 days for shipments to arrive in Haiti. Inspection results, political climate and weather can make the process longer.


Receive Items for Shipment

Packages can be delivered to our warehouse in Tampa or pickup from your home can be scheduled.


Container Leaves United States from Miami

Containers ship weekly from Miami via ship.


Arrive in Port-au-Prince

Customs inspects containers where some items are opened and inspected by officials. Our team overseas the inspection to verify no items are lost.


Arrive in Warehouse in Port-au-Prince

Drivers bring items to warehouse and they are ready for pickup and delivery.

Tampa Address
Tampa, FL Warehouse
1900 N. Rome Ave
Tampa, FL 33607
Office: 813-264-6531

Haiti Address
Canaan, Haiti Warehouse
Rue Gesner Raymond # 4
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Office: 4624-1885
Office: (813) 408-6841
Michel: 3446-1857
Jean-Claude: 3807-4366