Shipping Policy

Thank you for choosing Value Service International for your shipping needs. Below you will find our policies in regards to shipping to Haiti. 

Illegal Items: The following items are not acceptable for transport by Value Service International under any circumstances. Shipments found to have such items will be subject to legal action and all merchandise will be confiscated by the Haitian Government without reimbursement. Any fees charged due to an illegal item will be passed on to the customer.

Animals, Antiques (breakable and/or fragile), Asbestos, Bullion, Currency, Firearms or ammunition, Furs, Hazardous or combustible materials, Human remains (including ashes) , Jewelry, precious metals and stones, Narcotics(Drugs), Dangerous goods, Ivory, Pornography.

This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

Misrepresentation: Any misrepresentation of the content of a package is subject to additional fees. Haiti has the highest port fees in the hemisphere as well as various import taxes and duties that apply to all imported products which are dependent on what items are being shipped. We will require disclosing what you are shipping so we can charge the correct fee to cover Haitian taxes. If you misrepresent your item, additional fees charged at the dock will be passed to you as the customer. If you decide to not pay the taxes charged by the Haitian government, your item will be confiscated by Haitian customs authorities. 

Loss while in our care: In case of a loss, items will be replaced or customer will be compensated to an agreed value and not to exceed 5 times the service charge for the item. In case of government confiscation or accidents outside of our control in Haiti, customer will receive the shipping charge. 

Damage: In case of damage, items will NOT be replaced or reimbursed. Please take proper care when packaging your item and understand fragile, glass or liquid items should not be shipped. If you decide to ship such an item, you are doing so at your own risk. 

Inspection: Please understand that every package is subject to inspection and will be opened by Customs Authorities at the port in Haiti. We are vigilant to verify your items are not stolen during inspection and we will reseal your item after inspection. We will no provide reimbursement for damaged boxes due to inspection as this is the nature of shipping to Haiti. 

Payment: Payment is due when items are picked up, and they will not ship until full payment is received. Upon arrival in Haiti, customer has 3 days to pick up the merchandise to avoid a storage fee. The storage fee is set depending on the size and quantity of items. We hold the right to enforce payment through legal action if necessary. 

For customers who send merchandise directly to the warehouse in Haiti, payment on the entire invoice is due within 3 days of item arriving to avoid a storage fee. 

Pou kliyan ki en Haiti, yo min m tou yo gin 3 jou pou peye en Ayiti pou evite peye depo.

Tampa Address
Tampa, FL Warehouse
1900 N. Rome Ave
Tampa, FL 33607
Office: 813-264-6531

Haiti Address
Canaan, Haiti Warehouse
Rue Gesner Raymond # 4
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Office: 4624-1885
Office: (813) 408-6841
Michel: 3446-1857
Jean-Claude: 3807-4366