Value Service International

has been providing shipping to Haiti in the Tampa community since 1998. We provide container shipping from Tampa, FL to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, trucks in Haiti for merchandise pick up and delivery and interstate carrier services in the United States.



Value Service International provides container shipping from Tampa, FL to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We offer pickup service in Tampa, Orlando and surrounding areas and home delivery in Haiti.

With a 53ft reefer and a chassis we have the ability to take your container or load wherever it needs to go within the United States.

In Haiti, we have a 20ft and a 24ft truck that can pick up and deliver merchandise across central and south Haiti. We have drivers ready to take your order today.

Tampa Address
Tampa, FL Warehouse
1900 N. Rome Ave
Tampa, FL 33607
Office: 813-264-6531

Haiti Address
Canaan, Haiti Warehouse
Rue Gesner Raymond # 4
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Office: 4624-1885
Office: (813) 408-6841
Michel: 3446-1857
Jean-Claude: 3807-4366